And finally the city god temple

Whenever I return to Hsinchu I go to the city god temple which dates apparently back to 1746.  The adjacent food market is a century old. When l lived here ten years ago I never ate at the place. I couldn’t tell you why but I just wasn’t able to embrace the culture back in the day. During one of the business trips I went there and tried the pork ball soup. It was good. Really good. l go back when l can since and eat the pork ball soup and sometimes an oyster omelet.  The place is always busy. People are in and out, buy or eat their food right there.


I order my food pointing at some pictures. The decision which stall to choose is more difficult. There are so many. l guess eating at the most crowded places should be a safe bet.  I usually walk around a little bit, take some images and watch the people. l could do that for hours but the market is busy and bystanders don’t belong. Not that I look anything like a local anyway. It’s just a feeling that makes myself part of the chaotic mess.


After three rounds around the stalls I take a look around the temple and do some shooting there. l think it was here back in 2002 that l asked for my fortune by means of these wooden half moons. What started as an experiment became reality and somehow fate.So be aware of asking city gods They might feel responsible for you.


Back to the food. I order my pork ball soup and this time an oyster omelet as well. While waiting l take some pictures even though the people working here don’t like it. They seem shy about it and giggelish. But I try anyway.


Happily, l sit there watching all the action around me and I enjoy the porky taste of my meat ball soup. i might sound sentimental about this place but I’m actually not. Just a creature of habit.

Find some good info about the place check here or here since I’m not the expert on describing the food and giving it the correct names.

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