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The Trabant

The Trabant is one of the two cars manufactured in East Germany.The car is seen as a symbol for the decline and final collapse of the country itself. The average wait period from ordering the car to driving it home was 10 years. Used cars were often much more expensive than a new one since they were available while new cars weren't.

The car was made of a steel frame while the rest of the body is made of duroplast a hard, bakelite like plastic produced with cotton waste and phenol resins.. So it is the first car made of recycled material. The car had a 26hp 2-cylinder 2-stroke engine having the problems of a smoky exhaust and the pollution it produced. When the production was stopped in 1991, 3.7million cars were produced and a Trabi cult still being alive in the East of Germany started.

I drove the car only twice and quite a while after 1989. I was simply too tall. You put a 2m guy in the front seat and it fills the entire car with the wheel between the knees.

The image was taken with my Zero Image 6×9 pinhole camera on Ilford Delta400.