The cats of Gasthof Baur

I have no idea what made me stop in Linden, a small village between Munich and Bad Toelz. Maybe I was a bit hungry and the sign of Gasthof Baur invited me to check it out. What I found was a place that looked just normal and open for business but yet it was closed. Only dozens of cats strolled around the place and seemed to have taken over the place. I had my pinhole camera with me and I took some shots on color negative film just like the friendly ghostly cat.


When I returned a couple of days ago the friendly cat and all the others were still around. When I entered the former biergarten, a grumpy old man sat on the porch which might have been the owner of the restaurant, August Baur. We exchanged a couple of words which made it clear that I wasn’t really welcome there. However, I wasn’t asked to leave either. I took some images with my Voigtlaender Brilliant 6×6 camera.

I used and Adox CHS 100 which I developed in a self-made coffee chemistry which can be found here. The film looked a bit pale after development but it was fairly easy to scan. Grain and contrast are quite ok. Also sharpness is really not bad. Maybe I can tweak the recipe a bit for the next rolls.
  • 1000ml (1l) Water
  • 45g Instant coffee
  • 24g Washing soda
  • 20g Vitamin C

10min developing at 20C. agitation: 1st minute and afterwards each minute 5 times.

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