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The last roll – I sold the Mamiya 645Pro

My first post in 2017 shows some old pictures I took on a trip to India in 2015. I also showed some of the images here before. These here are the last images taken with a Mamiya 645Pro that I sold a couple of weeks ago on eBay. Next to the 80mm standard lens, I also had a 45mm/2.8 wide and 150mm/4 long lens. While I never used the long lens, the 45mm was a great choice for traveling. I also had two film magazines and a metered prismn finder for the camera, which I also didn’t use much. I really preferred the waistlevel finder and a small handheld light meter hanging around my neck looking extremely nerdy. Honestly, the set, excluding the prism finder and the 150mm lens, was pretty perfect for traveling. The camera is reliable and not too heavy. The electronic shutter needs a battery that lasts quite long at least. I’m not a big fan of electronic shutters but I’m able to tolerate as long as the camera works. The lenses are good but not great though. They would lose the direct comparison to Zeiss lenses for Hasselblad or old Nikkor lenses for the Bronica S. But they are good when compared to Pentax or the later Bronica Zensanon.  

I guess it’s a valid question why I decided to sell the entire system in the end.  Before Christmas I decided to simplify my camera collection and decided to let go of the Mamiya 645Pro and kept the Mamiya 645AF which seem to have a couple of advantages. Admittedly, the AF isn’t as compact but lenses are good, the auto focus is fast for a medium format camera and the meter works just fine. 

Enjoy the photos I took in Agra and Delhi in 2015. 


New toys: Bronica C and Rollei RPX 100

The Bronica C was released in 1964 as budget version to the S model. The camera doesn’t have a removable back however features a switch for multiple exposures. The Bronica C has a focal shutter with speeds down to 1/500 of a second. The lenses for the Bronica C, S, S2 and S2a were made by Nikon as 50mm, 75mm, 135mm and 200mm fixed focal length versions. These lenses are incredibly sharp and of excellent built quality. An interesting difference to other 6×6 systems is the focusing: It’s not built in the lens but part of the camera body.The focus ring has a distance scale for all four lenses which can be a bit confusing. However, I will get used to it. The waist level finder is bright and fairly easy to focus. I got the camera on ebay for a decent “buy it now” price and the condition it is in is excellent.

I loaded a roll of Rollei RPX 100 and started shooting right away. The first thing I wanted to try were double exposures. Seeing the resuls, I realize it needs a bit of practice and much more thinking to get interesting double exposures.



Last year I got some rolls of Rollei RPX 100 and pretty much forgot about them. Recently I read Martin Zimelka’s review about the film and had second thoughts about the film. So I shot a roll and developed it in Rodinal. A dilution of 1+50 seemed reasonable to get a good balance. It turns out that the combination of Rollei RPX 100 and Rodinal is pretty much the sharpest ISO 100 results I’ve seen.



All summed up, the Bronica C is a cool 6×6 camera that handles pretty well and is able to get very good results. You will certainly not be able to hide with the loud shutter noise that wakes up the death. I will certainly do more stuff witht he Rollei RPX 100. I like what I got developing it in Rodinal and it might become my favorite ISO 100 film. Next step will be trying the 35mm version.