Another Afternoon in Taipei – Part 2

Usually I walk down to Zhong Xiao Road. There are more people, more stores, simply more motifs to take photos of. This time I decide to stroll down Ren Ai Road with it’s shadowy tree lined lanes. Maybe I tried to avoid walking through the Da An area with its cafes, restaurants, boutique shops and interesting residential houses. Yet, I realize there is no way around Da An and I end up checking out some of the lanes anyway. I find the store of the painter again who always has different paintings standing outside. There is Le Suites, a boutique hotel I stayed once quite some years ago and the cafe where I had waffles and coffee last year.

I walk back to Ren Ai Road to continue my way to the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall. I walk by the huge Taipei flower and jade markets. I’ve never been in either of them. Something keeps me out of there. Maybe it’s just the fact that a market is a market is just a market. It’s on my list of places to visit but not today.

After crossing Xing Shen Road I see a cute lane of older houses and deviate a second time from the plan. I find a cute looking cafe called Rie X Kobe and decide to sit for a while and have a tea. The cafe is full of stuffed animals, used things and books. It’s too dark in there to take pictures. I still try my luck with one: Patrick Star having tea with my friend Nico with even two Hello Kitties watching. Isn’t that authentic?

The lane leads to a little local market. Most stalls are closed since it’s the late afternoon already. However, I will have the chance to visit the market next morning. Though, this is part of another story. I just cross another big street and finally get to the Chiang Kai Shek memorial.

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